“We, the Slavic people, are not far from each other. We let strangers into our home more often than others. We put the heart above the mind. " (T. Drozda)
The Zachód-Wschód Wsparcie Foundation was created at the call of the heart, with the thought of the need to help people from the Eastern countries, primarily from Belarus, who were forced to leave their homeland and seek a stable life in Poland.

Our main mission is integration. We really want the peoples of Poland and Belarus, as well as all our neighbors, to live in harmony. Similarly to the real Slavic people, who have more similarities than differences, we want to help migrants from Eastern European countries, especially from Belarus, to find their place in Poland.

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E-mail address: biuro@fzww.pl
Phone number: +48 518 847 083
Address: ul. Jordanowska 2a, 04-204 Warsaw, Poland
NIP: 1133021533
Regon: 387313360
Fund accounts in mBank:
Account in PLN IBAN: PL 04 1140 2004 0000 3102 8057 6137
Account in EUR IBAN: PL 18 1140 2004 0000 3312 1206 1646

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