Polish Language Courses

“We invite all people from Belarus (or from the countries of the former USSR) to attend free Polish lessons at the Foundation's office in Warsaw (beginner level). Polish lessons are taught by experienced volunteers, and there are no more than 8 people in one group. Lessons start in the mid-October, the exact time of lessons are scheduled upon agreement.
You can sign up for Polish lessons by calling the phone number indicated on the Foundation's website. "

Job placement assistance

We actively help people from across the Polish eastern border, primarily from Belarus, to find work in Poland. We have full-time jobs for specialists from different industries, such as construction industry, automotive industry, food industry, manufacturing, as well as in agriculture. For those who have very high qualifications and experience confirmed by appropriate certificates, we help to contact employers and find a job according to their specialty. As a Foundation, we bring together employers who are looking for qualified personnel and workers from Eastern European countries, thereby helping the latter find themselves more quickly in the Polish society.

"We are more than connected..."

Integracja, wsparcie dla tych, którzy są już w Polsce
Organizujemy zajęcia oraz spotkania integracyjne, które pozwalają osobom ze Wschodu poznać kulture i obyczaje Polski.
Program wydarzeń na listopad 2020 - grudzień 2021 opublikujemy w najbliższym czasie.

Information for parents with school and preschool children

https://www.kuratorium.gda.pl/uczniowie-przybywajacy-z-zagranicy/ - here you will find information about the admission of children to Polish schools. 

Contact information for finding schools in Gdansk:

Social Development Department of the City Administration in Gdańsk
Deputy Director of the Education Department - Grzegorz Kryger, ul. Kartuska 5, 80-103 Gdańsk, room 202 e-mail: wrs@gdansk.gda.pl tel .: +48 58 323 67 27 fax: +48 58 323 67 57 


Education Department
Head of Department - Krystyna ​​Przyborowska, ul. Śląska 35-37 (building A), 81-310 Gdynia wydz.edukacji@gdynia.pl tel. 58 761-77-00 


Education Department of the City Administration in Sopot
Head of Department - Piotr Płocki, ul. Marynarzy 4, 81-835 Sopot, piotr.plocki@um.sopot.pl, tel .: 58 521 37 36

Contact us in any convenient way for you!

E-mail address: biuro@fzww.pl

Phone number: +48 518 847 083

Address: ul. Jordanowska 2a, 04-204 Warsaw, Poland

NIP: 1133021533

Regon: 387313360

Fund accounts in mBank:

Account in PLN IBAN: PL 04 1140 2004 0000 3102 8057 6137

Account in EUR IBAN: PL 18 1140 2004 0000 3312 1206 1646

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